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Journeying With John

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Ending the inevitable...Beginning what can't wait...

Meet John

Spiritual Counselor & Soul Guide

Pastor to the Un-Churched
Healer for the Over-Churched.

Advanced degrees in Business, Theology and Pastoral Care? - Done that.

Certified in ancient spiritual practices? - Yep, and still going.

Highest education? - Working with the suffering souls of thousands, one being my own, over the past 25 years.


Why I do what I do


Knowing God is way different than knowing about God.  Through my own journey I've come to know God - and the peace came - and the desire to help others came with it.  Things had to end so things could begin - So it is.

Working together, we will co-create, not the way but, your way to know God, end what needs to end and let begin what needs to begin -  and the peace will come for you as well. 

Why Naturopathy

Why work with me?

I can help with


Life knocks our souls around, leaving them dis-integrated and dis-eased, hobbling through life as best they can, far from their full potential.  Working together we can diagnose the dis-ease, dis-cover its roots and reintegrate your soul to its powerful self.

Spiritual Awakening

Are you ready to awaken your true self? The Spirit wants you to know it like it has always known you. What's born of flesh is flesh and what's born of spirit is spirit.  Your new birth awaits you - as does the world.

Ending s & Beginnings


Death, Grief & Afterlife Care

Be they physical, relational or vocational, all endings can be tough - but transitions can be beautiful. 


As a certified Death Doula,  together we will navigate the natural transitions of life, all of which can be processed into new beginnings.

Pre-Marital Counsel & Ceremony

Not your traditional premarital counsel.  We will work through the dynamics of two lives becoming one and co-create your way for your new life together.   


“An honest and genuine experience for anyone looking to grow their faith. A different approach to add to your faith toolkit.”

— Retreatant



Your Journey Starts Here

I look forward to working with you!

Contact Info



Service Areas


In-person - San Antonio and surrounding metro areas

Virtually - Anywhere

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